1/6 ASU エアポート・セキュリティ・ユニット 香港特別行政区 創立20周年(SS103)
1/6 ASU - Hong Kong SAR’s 20th Anniversary Commemorative edition


Soldier Storyから香港特別行政区創立20周年記念版の香港空港セキュリティーユニット(ASU)が登場!

●Head Sculpture×1
●S2.5 Male Body×1
●1 pair Hands
●Tactical Gloved Hands×3
●ASU Black T-shirt×1
●ASU Navy Blue Combat Jacket×1
●ASU Navy Blue Combat pants×1
●1 pair Danner Tactical Boots ( Sewing )
●MICH 2001 Helmet×1
●Team Wendy Helmet Chin Strap×1
●Oakley Sunglasses ( Smoke Lens )×1
●Bolle X800 Tactical Goggles×1
●ASU ID Card×1
●ID Card Chain×1
●Tactical Belt×1
●Tactical Belt Loop×4
●ASU Molle Tactical Vest×1
●ASU Gas Mask Pouch×1
●TAD Molle Admin Pouch×1
●5.11 Tactical Molle Utility Pouch×2
●5.11 Tactical Molle Water Bottle Pouch×1
●5.11 Tactical Molle Vtac 6.6 Medical Pouch×1
●5.11 Tactical Molle Large Drop Pouch×1
●Hand Cuffs Pouch×1
●OC Spray Holster ( Short Ver.)×1
●Mobile Phone Pouch×1
●G-17 9mm Double Mags Pouch ( 2017 Ver. )×1
●M4 5.56 Drop leg Double Mags Pouch ( 2017 Ver.)×1
●Radio Pouch×1
●Belt Loop Link×1
●Tactical Shield ( Metal Plate )×1
●Tactical Shield Cover×1
●Sabre Defense OC Spray ( Short Ver.)×1
●Handcuffs ( Metal )×1
●Ball pen ( Red / Yellow )×2
●Rotated Baton Holster×1
●Expandable Baton ( Metal )×1
●Cable Tie×2
●G-Shock Watch×1
●Mobile phone×1
●Motorola MTS Tactical Radio×1
●Motorola MTS Radio Antenna×1
●Motorola Bone Conduction Ear Microphone and PTT Switch×1
●HKSAR Police Force Velcro Patch ( For Tactical Vest )×1
●HKSAR Police Force Velcro Patch ( For Tactical Shield )×1
●HKSAR Flag Velcro Patch×2
●A, Blood Velcro Patch×2
●Call Sign Velcro Patch×1
●ASU Logo Velcro Patch×1
●G17 9mm Pistol×1
●G17 9mm 17rds Mags×3
●G17 Pistol Safety Lanyard×1
●M3X Tactical Light ( Attached to G17 Pistol)×1
●Model 6004 Tactical Holster /w Light×1
●M4A1 Assault Rifle×1
●M4A1 5.56 Rifle Mags×4
●KAC Rail Cover×2
●Surefire Tactical Flashlight×1
●Surefire Tactical Flashlight Remote Switch×1
●EOTech 552 Jolograhic Weapon Sight×1
●Tango Down Vertical Fore Grip ( Surefire )×1
●Matech Rear Adjustable Flip-up Sight×1
●2 point Tactical Sling×1
●Figure Display Stand w/ ASU Nameplate×1