Easy & Simple


1/6 S.A.DO[v (ES-26012)1/6 S.A.DO[v (ES-26012)
1/6 S.A.DO[v (ES-26012)1/6 S.A.DO[v (ES-26012)
1/6 S.A.DO[v (ES-26012)1/6 S.A.DO[v (ES-26012)
1/6 S.A.DO[v (ES-26012)

1/6 S.A.DO[v (ES-26012)


EasySimpleA 1/6 S.A.DO[voB

Head Sculpture~1
ES-Buddy 1.0 Body with Prosthetic Limb~1
1 pair M-pact Gloved Hands
A9 Combat Shirt~1
A9 Combat Pants~1
LEAF H-150 Riggers Belt~1
1 pair Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boots
MICH2000 Ballistic Helmet~1
ACH-ACR Rail Mount~1
L3 G10 NVG Mount System~1
PVS-15 NVG~1
NVG Amber Filter~1
NVG Compass~1
MS2000 Strobe~1
TAC Charge MPLS Light~1
Ragnar Body Armor~1
Hybrid Chest Rig QD~1
Roll up Dump Pouch~1
Mini Modular Admin Pouch~1
PRC-152 Radio Pouch~1
Double Pistol Mag Pouch~1
Single Frag Grenade Pouch~1
Triple 40mm Grenade Pouch~1
Comtac3 Headset PTT~1
PRC-152 Radio~1
Foretrex 401 GPS~1
SI Shooting Goggles~1
SCAR-25 Assault Rifle with CASV Modular Hand guard~1
Improved Extendable Stock~1
DR Spectre 6x Optic Sight~1
Folding Rear Sights~1
M3X Tactical Weapon Light~1
Dual Remote~1
EPC 7.62 Suppressor~1
SR-25 20rd Mags~2
Pmag 20rd Mags~2
Tactical Sling~1
HK69 40mm Grenade Launcher~1
40mm Grenade~4
Sling Point Tactical Sling~1
G-19 Pistol~1
Pistol Mags~2
X300 Tactical Light~1
Model 6004 Tactical Holster (Left Handed)~1
1 set Patches