Soldier Story


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Head Sculpture~1
Male Body~1
3 pairs Hands ( Different Style )
CP Night Cap~1
NATO Woodland Combat Shirt~1
NATO Woodland Combat Pants~1
Military Emergency Tourniquet~1
CP LV-MBAV Body Armor~1
Disruptive Environments (D3) Chest Rig~1
D3x Multi-Mission Hanger~1
Kameez (FR) Perahan Tunban~1
Shawl with Capes~1
Plainclothes Concealed Carry Vest~1
3 Days Assault Pack with Tube~1
VTAC-MK2 Wide Padded Sling~1
1 pair OR Black Gloves
1 pair Sawtooth Boots
1 set Patches
Marine Time F.A.S.T Helmet~1
PVS15 Night Vision Goggle~1
L4G24 NVG Rail Mount~1
NVG Compass Magnetic~1
Strobe Light~1
Helmet Camera~1
Charge - MPLS Helmet-Lights~1
COMTAC 3 Headset With PTT~1
ARC Rail Mount~1
G-Code RTI Duty Mount Kydex Belt-Slide~1
SERPA CQC 1911 Holster~1
M1911 Pistol~1
M1911 Mags~3
MK18 MOD1 Rifle~1
M3 Tactical Rail Light~1
Dual Button Remote~1
Front Sigh~1
Rear sight~1
Specter with DR slght~1
QD Silcener~1
EMOD stock~1
AFG Grip~1
M4 Mags~5
Smoke Grenade~2
MK13 MOD0 BTV-EL Flash Bang~2
Light Sticks~4
BT-GG Dagger~1
EMT Scissors~1
PRC-152 Radio~1
Urban Speaker Mico-phone~1


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AJR 82tc1c@P pi}NU 1989-90iSS089j
1st Brigade,82nd Airborne Division Paratroopers, PANAMA1989-90


Soldier Story1/6 1c 82tcP pi}1989-90 ANVtBMA [XB

Head Sculpture~1@S2.5 Body~1@PASGT Helmet and Liner~1
Woodland CAMO Cover~1@Woodland BDU Scrim~1@OD T-Shirt~1
Woodland CAMO BDU Jacket~1@Woodland CAMO BDU Pants~1
1 Pair Jungle Boots @Subdued RANGER Tab Patch~1
Subdued AIRBORNE Tab Patch~1@Subdued 82ND Airborne Patch~1
Subdued U.S. ARMY Patch~1@Subdued Name Tab Patch~1
Subdued SFC Rank Patch (Collar)~1@Subdued Air Assault Badge~1
Subdued Parachutist Badge~1@Subdued Combat Infantry Badge~1
Subdued Drill Instructor Badge~1@Subdued pathfinder Badge~1
Colored US Flag Patch (Backward)~1@Y Shaped Suspenders~1
Pistol Belt~1@Ammo Pouch~2@Kettle Pouch~2
Combat Field Pack~1@Entrenching Tool Carrier~1@ALICE Medium Pack~1
ALICE Frame~1@MC1-1B Parachute~1@Personnel Parachute Harness~1
T-10 Reserve Parachute~1@H-harness (Used to Rig ALICE Pack to Parachute Harness)~1
Hook-Pile Tape Lowering Line (Used to Lower All Equipments Attached to the Parachutist)~1
SAW MOD M1950 Weapons Case~1@MX-991/ U Flashlight~1@1-QT plastic canteen~2
M-67 Grenade~4@Military Carabiner~2@Earplugs Case~1@Earplugs Case Chain~1
M249 MK1 Machine Gun~1@M249 200rd Plastic Ammo Drum~1@5.56 Magazine (Fit For M249)~1
5.56 Bullets Belt (Link M249 and Ammo Drum)~1@Black Padded Weapon Sling~1


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French Sspecial Foece


Soldier Story1/6 tXꕔ ANVtBMA [XB

Head Sculpture~1
S2.5 Body ( Dark Skin and Forearm Tatoo )~1

Head Gear
FAST Multicam Ballistic Helmet~1
LG24 NVG Mount~1
MANTA Strobe Light~1
HD Helmet Camera~1
NSW Helmet Ballast~1
MS2000 Strobe Light~1
CR123 Lithium Batteries~1
Monster Dog Sunglass~1
Tactical Goggles with Cover~1
Tan Recon Wrap~1

Dark Blue Cargo Shirt~1
T-Shirt ~1
NAVY Blue Sweater~1
Wind Shirt~1
French Desert Combat Pants~1
Rigger Belt~1
MBAV-Modular-Body-Armor-Vest with Cumberbund~1
1 pair MBAV Shoulder Pad
2 MLCS-1-QT-Canteen Pouch
MLCS Medical Pouch~1
MLCS Double 9mm Pouch~1
MLCS Double 9mm Pouch w/Kydex FB~1
MLCS Double M203 Grenade Pouch~1
MLCS Double 5.56 Magazine Pouch~
MLSC Grenade Pouch~1
Universal Tactical Holster~1
Tactical Radio Pouch~1
Folding Dump Pouch~1
Admin Panel~1
MOTHERLODE Hydration Backpack with Drink Tube~1
Tactical Molle Belt~1
1 pair TFSS-Tactical-Flotation-Support-System With Belt
CAT Tactical Tourniquet~1
Tactical Tourniquet~1
Tactical Tourniquet Holder~1
1 pair VEGA MID GTX Boots

G-19 Pistol~1
G-19 Pistol Lanyard~1
G-19 CCF / Swiss Impuls IIA Suppressor~1
GTL 22 Tactical Light /w Laser and Dimmer~1
G-19 15rd Standard Magazine~3
MP7A1 40rd Magazine~4
Dual Beam Aiming Laser DBAL A2~1
Micro T1 /w LaRue LT660 Tall Mount~1
952V Weapon Light~1
Integrated one/two Points Sling~1
M67 Hand Grenade~1

TAC Gears and Accessories
Leatherman Multi Tool~1
Emergency Rescue Classic Hallagan Tool~1
Bolt Master~1
Digital Watch~1
3-wire Surveillance Earpiece with Separate Mic/PTT Beige~1
XTS 5000R Radio and Earpiece Adaptor~1
Metal Cross Necklace~1

Embroidered Insignia with Hook Velcro~2
FLag and Blood Patch with Hook Velcro~10